Navigating the tech frontier, Nineleaps stands as the go-to for Fortune 500 leaders and Silicon Valley visionaries seeking new age technology solutions.

Talented engineers
Happy clients across the globe
Projects successfully delivered
Years in Business

Our core values

Passion in thought to begin Nineleaps, expertise in technology to build Nineleaps, and inspired camaraderie to be Nineleaps.

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Awards,recognitions, and certifications

  • Two grad friends start Nineleaps.
  • Together they win Zen Marketing as their first customer
Building a name for ourselves
  • Added a Fortune-500 retail brand to the list of customers.
  • Sets global benchmark for Couchbase 16,000 IOPS
  • Enters the mobility space by winning a global transportation network as a customer.
  • Office expansion - Second office begins operation
Expanding our horizons
  • Conducts first Nineleaps hackathon
  • 100th employee comes onboard
  • Recognized as Top 10 Agile Solutions Providers by APAC CIOOutlook
  • Recognized by LinkedIn as Top Startup to Work for
Making a mark in the industry
  • Ventures into manufacturing with conversational interfaces
  • Enters the UAE market with a Global Retail chain as a customer
  • Recognized by LinkedIn as Top Startup to Work for twice in a row
  • Recognized as Top 10 Agile Solutions Providers by APAC CIO Outlook twice in a row
Turning challenges into opportunities
  • Achieved positive revenue as well as employee growth during the Covid19 pandemic
  • Made meaningful relationships with 3 top brands in the UAE
Growing steadily with the future in sight
  • Establishes and executes a tailored Data Analytics Internship program successfully
  • 500th employee comes on board
  • Establishes Quality Assurance as a primary vertical

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