Fostering an inclusive environment where growth and connections flourish with every step they take.

An employee- centric culture

With the help of a value-driven philosophy, our employees feel empowered to reach their utmost potential and foster an environment of value and nutriment.


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The winning combination - Yin & Yang

With an equitable balance of flexible work hours and personal time away, our employees enhance productivity and secure a happy personal life.

Wellness leaves
Earned leaves
Maternity leaves
Paternity leaves
Bereavement leaves

Culture to nurture - The Nineleaps way

A basket of health and wellness programs ensures smooth workflow and a tranquil mind-space for our employees.

Healthcare policy
Personal accident insurance
Mental health wellness programs

A quick snapshot of the vibrant life at Nineleaps

Orchestrating brilliance - Igniting growth

In the pursuit of knowledge and new skill sets, our employees always stay ahead in the industry. Their eagerness is encouraged through:

Friday fireside chats
Tech guilds
Watch me code
Customized training schedules
Peer-driven learning programs

Celebrating excellence- Propelling growth for every milestone

Exalting the unwavering commitment and professional achievements of our exceptional employees. These are a few of the most awaited rewards and recognition at Nineleaps.

Feather on the hat
Annual excellence awards
Peer honouring

Additional benefits

Performance appraisal

Balanced, scientific evaluations fuel fair and accurate employee growth.

Work travel

Work travel made hassle-free.

Professional leadership development

We encourage individuals' leadership aspirations.

Retirement benefits

Nineleaps helps you live your retirement with grace and dignity.