Advantages of Workplace Diversity

Category Work Culture

What comes to your mind when you think of ‘workplace diversity’? If someone would ask us the same question, we would have a myriad of things flashing in our mind. We would either have a long list to share or fail to bring up an aspect. Hence, we will narrow down the scope of the question.

What are the things that you consider when talking about diversity in office?

The first aspect will most probably be the gender ratio. The next in line would likely be the race. However, diversity is not limited to these physical attributes which are visible to us. Diversity also rests in aspects such as thoughts, beliefs, ethnicity and many more things which we might not know about a person in the first instance.

You must have often come across the phrase ‘unity in diversity’ and though it is hard to believe, there can be a lot of advantages of diversity, especially in a workplace. In general, we might think that people who have common grounds get along well and the work gets smooth. However, studies have shown that diversity in the workplace can increase productivity.
According to research conducted by MIT economist Sara Ellison, “Having a more diverse set of employees means you have a more diverse set of skills,” which she says, “could result in an office that functions better.”

Even though the advantages of a heterogeneous team are undoubtedly beneficial yet to make everyone comfortable with the others calls for the manager to act swift.
We at Nineleaps have a diverse team and we see its impact reflect during brainstorming sessions or meetings. We see a variety of opinion coming from different people and that helps us get a holistic view of the matter.

Inclusion being one of our core values, everyone respects and appreciates the differences in opinions before arriving at the conclusions.

Even when talking about the geographical aspect, Nineleaps can claim to be a mini India. We may be different in many ways but being a part of Nineleaps family we think ‘We fail as one and we succeed as one.’

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