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In the current corporate team structure, web designers, developers, DevOps experts, and quality assurance professionals are highly interdependent on one another to build and release products in a timely manner. However, this dependency usually leads to slippage in delivering products on schedule, thereby resulting in increased expenses and man-hours. Additionally, with changing user behavior and requirements, many organizations today are searching for ways to gain insight into customer expectations beforehand and identify opportunities to align their services to the same. Helping organizations reinvent themselves by optimizing their business processes amid changing industry dynamics is the India-based firm, Nineleaps. The firm designs, strategizes, implements, builds, and operates high-quality agile solutions to improve the quality and responsiveness of software against fluctuating customer requirements.

“We are agile practitioners who have developed a self-sustained team capable of delivering faster iterations and building end-to end agile solutions such that they improve the transparency and ownership among our customers,”

begins Vivekanand Jha, co-founder of Nineleaps.

Vivekanand Jha — COO of Nineleaps

Nineleaps also functions as a product engineering company with a focus on open source technologies such as AngularJS, ReactJS, Java SpringBoot, Python, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Android, iOS, GoLang, and Scala.

“Our aim is to solve customers’ engineering challenges using open source to develop a robust solution that we can take to the market fast and quickly iterate and change,”

says Jha. In an endeavor to help enterprises reinvent their businesses, Nineleaps recently embraced extreme programming through DevOps and automation. Within extreme programming aspect, Nineleaps lays significant
impetus on software testing, which includes unit as well as integration testing. The company also follows an end to end automation testing strategy that helps it to save a considerable amount of time in checking redundant tasks while eliminating the possibility of errors that manual testing often fail to recognize.

“The test-driven approach of our team relies on short development cycles where the customer requirements are turned into specific test cases, and the software is built to ensure that it passes those tests,”

mentions Jha.

The DevOps aspect of Nineleaps’ extreme programming combines different software development tools and practices that shorten the release cycles of new software. Following the DevOps practice, Nineleaps embraces continuous integration, a practice where developers merge their code changes in a central repository, and move over to continuous delivery, the subsequent practice where automated tests and builds are run to release the software. As software development gets more complex and it becomes crucial to monitor metrics and logs and observe application performance, Nineleaps leverages various DevOps tools available in the market to enable firms to capture, categorize, and analyze those metrics and logs, while generating alerts.

“By using these DevOps tools, a single team can manage overall development and business operations processes such as integration with collaboration tools like chat applications, ticketing systems, and more,”

explains Jha.

Using its technology know-how, Nineleaps has helped many firms adapt to angile development process in multiple industry verticals. In an instance, a global telecommunications and services provider who has developed an integrated virtual healthcare system was seeking to improve access to healthcare providers and patients by upgrading its system. The client partnered with Nineleaps to establish an agile product management process. Nineleaps developed a solution that helped the client to accelerate product release, reduce bugs by 90 percent, and incorporate desired features frequently while maintaining a consistent level of product quality across every release cycle. Now planning a diverse growth, Nineleaps endeavors to expand its team and hire hundreds of Professionals adept in the agile methodology. Already having new offices in multiple locations, the firm is now planning on entering the US and further extending its market presence. 

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