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Every year we see thousands of students graduating as engineers. But is this a destination reached? No! Rather, it heralds a new beginning.
According to a study conducted by an employment agency known as Aspiring Minds in 2016, 80% of engineering graduates who passed out the previous year were unemployable. When we juxtapose the number of students who pass out and how many of them get into core engineering and IT jobs, the result is negative.

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While trying to figure out the reasons for such a thought provoking situation, we get the answer as lack of quality education, infrastructure, faculty and following the same old parrot-fashion learning, among many other issues.
Varun Aggarwal, the CTO of Aspiring Minds, was quoted saying, “Engineering has become the de-facto graduate degree for a large chunk of students today. However, along with improving the education standards, it is quintessential that we evolve our undergraduate programmes to make them more job-centric”.
Let’s face the truth. This objective is long-term, and we cannot achieve it in a day. However, you can do your part to give that resume more visibility in the recruitment process, and remember, it is not always the grades which reflect in your mark sheets, but there is more to it.

Understand The Fundamental Concepts:

Try to understand the basics of a subject and also go into the depth of it so that you can be confident enough about it. No matter what question you face with regarding the same, you should be able to answer that. If you were inattentive in class or did not get an opportunity to absorb it, this is not the time to whine about it. Rather, take up the responsibility to teach yourself.
How to do that? Refer to the video lectures on Coursera and Lynda to increase your knowledge base. Repenting is not an option, repairing is!

Goals Imply Motivation:

Often in interviews, one is asked about goals and vision or where you see us five years down the line.
Because this gives an insight into how you think.
Therefore, rather than getting perplexed and fumble in interviews, one should be well prepared with the answer.

Setting Us Apart:

In the rat race, we need to have something which will set us apart from the crowd. The first thing which we need to go through in the short-listing process of an interview is the aptitude test. What the recruiters want is someone who can think quick and execute quicker. You need to make sure that you have a firm grip on problem-solving and you think with lightning speed when it comes to aptitude. You can start by visiting websites such as java t pointgeeks for geeksindiabixfreshers worldm4mathscampus gate.

Directing Our Thoughts:

It might so happen that you thoroughly know a particular subject, but when it comes to putting your knowledge into speech, you run out of words. This lack of communication skills can be a barrier because the interviewer would not be able to gauge the depth of your thoughts if you cannot speak your minds out. Therefore, one of the prerequisites to grab a job is to better your communication skills so that you can effortlessly drive home your point.

Above & Beyond:

There is no doubt that everyone who is applying for a job has the required educational qualification. At such an event, what makes your profile more visible in the eyes of the recruiters. Here is when extra curriculum activities come into play, and you thank the moment you decided to pursue your passion along with studies. It shows how you skillfully invest your time into various activities which will definitely strike the interviewer and the job might be YOURS!
Wish you all the very best for your endeavors.

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