Unlocking GPT-4: Azure OpenAI Integration Guide

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In the ever-evolving landscape of AI and machine learning, OpenAI’s models have emerged as powerful tools for various applications. If you’re looking to leverage the capabilities of GPT-4 and integrating it into your Azure-based projects, you’re in the right place. This article will guide you through the steps to access OpenAI models from Azure and guide you on the procedure for requesting GPT-4 access and quota increases.

Overview of Azure OpenAI and Its Collaboration

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab, and Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud service provider, have partnered to bring the next generation of AI models to the cloud. This collaboration allows developers to access OpenAI’s powerful models on Azure, transforming how AI can be integrated into applications and services.

Advantages of Azure OpenAI Over Normal OpenAI

Azure OpenAI provides several benefits over the standalone OpenAI. Firstly, Azure offers robust and scalable cloud-based infrastructure, which ensures reliable access and performance. Secondly, Azure adheres to stringent security and compliance standards, ensuring data privacy. Lastly, Azure OpenAI seamlessly integrates with other Azure services, providing a comprehensive AI development ecosystem.

Accessing OpenAI Models from Azure

Create an Azure Account
If you don`t have an Azure account, please create a new one following the steps mentioned in the azure documentation.

OpenAI Resource on Azure
Once your azure account is created, please search for Azure OpenAI in the azure resources.

If you dont have access to Azure OpenAI, you need to submit a request using this form from azure https://aka.ms/oai/access.

Once your request is approved from Azure, you will get a confirmation email from Azure Cognitive Services, which looks like below

Request for GPT-4 Access(Ignore this step if you want to continue without GPT-4 Model)
By default, azure wont give you access for GPT-4, you have to fill this form https://aka.ms/oai/get-gpt4 to request for GPT-4 access.

Once you submit above form, you will get some email confirmation from azure and it may take some days for azure to process your request. (I got GPT-4 access in 5 working days post request).

Once you got access to GPT-4, you will receive some confirmation email as below from azure.

Create Azure OpenAI deployment

Select Azure OpenAI resource from Azure, then click on create button, it will open up a form where you have to provide your azure subscription, pricing and region where you want to host azure openAI details.

Deploy OpenAI Model on Azure

Once you create deployment on azure openAI, you need to deploy a model on azure openAI to start using it.

Click on the deployment you created, in the overview page, you will see an option to deploy a model. click on it and it will redirect you to azure openAI Deployments page.

Click on create new deployment, it will open a popup where you need to select openAI model which you want to deploy and a name for your model deployment.

Hurray you have successfully created a model deployment.

Please note that currently GPT-4 model deployments are available in some regions only.

Accessing Azure OpenAI APIs:

Once your model deployment is success, on Azure AI Studio, you can go to playground to test your deployment.

There you can also view the code which you can copy paste to your code based on the programming language you use.

Please note that you need to use different endpoints and corresponding access keys for different resource and model deployments.

QUOTA Increase Request

Azure OpenAI comes with default rate limits on each model deployments based on region.

You can find the azure default rate limits here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/ai-services/openai/quotas-limits

As developers start using Azure OpenAI, they may find that their usage exceeds the allocated quota especially TPM (Transactions Per Minute). In such cases, developers can request a quota increase from the Azure OpenAI team. To do this, developers need to fill out a quota increase request form on the Azure OpenAI website. The Azure OpenAI team will review the request and provide developers with additional quota if deemed necessary.

You can request quota increase here: https://aka.ms/oai/quotaincrease
Once you submit the form, you will get a confirmation email.


Azure OpenAI provides developers with a robust platform to develop and deploy AI models. With access to OpenAI’s cutting-edge models and tools, developers can create innovative AI-based applications. Developers can request access to Azure OpenAI by submitting an application form on the Azure OpenAI website. They can also request quota increases and gain access to the GPT-4 model. Azure OpenAI is a game-changer for AI development, and developers should leverage this powerful platform.

Author: Vivek Bhupathi

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