Empowering Your Digital Ecosystem with NineX Integrated Development Platform

Streamlining Engineering Operations for Enhanced Efficiency

Introducing NineX, your gateway to streamlined engineering operations and enhanced efficiency. With NineX, we offer a robust Internal Development Platform (IDP) that empowers engineering teams to navigate the complexities of modern development landscapes with ease.

How It Works

At the core of NineX lies the IDP, a self-service platform meticulously crafted to guide engineering teams through every step of the development process. The IDP ensures consistency in deploying, managing, and maintaining platform and infrastructure components by simplifying and standardizing processes. Engineers can effortlessly access documentation through a central portal, check current deployments, and clone pre-approved templates, fostering technological consistency and uniformity across projects.

Improving & measuring the developer experience is going to be critical to ensuring a successful Integrated Developer Platform.

Engineer logs into the developer portal to see what is currently deployed or to deploy a new component

Engineer chooses from a predefined template and provides relevant metadata


Git Repository is created with code based on template


Infrastructure Platform is automatically created (Dev, Stage, Prod)

FOCUS AREA Engineer adds feature to templated code

Infrastructure- As-Code

Continuous Integration generates the deploy artifact and ensures standards, linting, quality, and security.


Continuous Delivery takes the deploy artifact and safely deploys through environments

CI/CD Pipeline

NineX's IDP Framework Offers Multiple Access Points

What You Get

With NineX's IDP, you gain access to several benefits

Automated Platform & Infrastructure Deployments

Say goodbye to manual configuration headaches. NineX automates the deployment, management, and maintenance of platform and infrastructure components, ensuring uniformity and efficiency.

Pre-approved Templates

Streamline your development process with pre-approved templates tailored to your specific needs. These templates establish technological consistency across engineering teams, fostering collaboration and accelerating time-to-market.

Disparate Technology Integration

Navigate the complexities of modern development landscapes with ease. NineX seamlessly integrates disparate tooling, making it transparent for development teams to leverage technologies such as Infrastructure as Code (IAC), Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), monitoring, testing, and orchestration.

NineX's IDP Operates Through A Time-Tested Structured Process

Phase 1 IDP Process Fortification & Architecture

Nineleaps collaborates closely with you to gather necessary information while minimizing disruption.

We analyze existing components, product backlogs, and infrastructure, preparing for the IDP build backlog.

Our team takes on the persona of a new developer to document and execute the steps required for new component instantiation.

Deliverables include architecture plans, design documents, prioritized templates, and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) roadmap.

Phase 2 Deploy and Operationalize

Building upon phase one, we focus on implementation and operationalization.

Tasks include portal and template implementations, documentation enhancements, automation, and internal adoption campaigns.

Our dedicated team ensures efficient progress and knowledge transfer for seamless adoption.

Ready to revolutionize your digital ecosystem with NineX's Internal Development Platform?

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